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What does it mean to Be Transformed? Transformation is both an event and a process. True Transformation begins when you start your individual journey on the Path...the Path to be the person that God wants you to be.
Be Transformed is here to help guide you to the Path, point you toward the Way, reveal to you the Truth, and help show you the way to Life. Once you are on the Path, we want to challenge you to stay on it, to continue be changed and transformed, and to walk the Path that God has marked out for you. We want to point you to the way to become a "New Creation" ... to be Spiritually transformed from a lowly, worldly, dirty, earthly caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly... Beauty beyond your wildest imagination! We want to show you the way to discard all of the dirty rags of your past and how to put on the most magnificent robe of colors imaginable. We want to show you the way to freedom.

But we can only show you the you the Path. You are the one who has to open the door and walk through it. As Morpheus said in Matrix: "There is a big difference between knowing the Path and walking the Path." Just knowing is not enough. You have to Trust and Believe and begin your Walk. This is your invitation to Be Transformed! Would you like to come along? If so, here is the Door the Path...and the Way... to Life!

Are You Transformed?